As a consistent service provider to this sector, GKR Maintenance and Building Co. Ltd are anticipative of the needs and requirements of our clients; we understand the positive impact refurbishment can have on a commercial property. As such, our team of innovative contract managers are committed to providing solutions to the specific building requirements of our clients.

Our dedicated team of survey staff has experience of a broad range of project sizes and budgetary requirements, and work in close partnership with our clients to provide fully itemized quotes, and a comprehensive works schedule. This customer-focused service helps us form strong working relationships with our clients, enabling us to tailor our projects to their specific requirements.


Our team of skilled, directly-employed tradesmen and women produce the highest quality workmanship under the guidance of our contract managers, ensuring that the necessary legislation and regulations are met.  

Projects have included: office upgrade and refurbishment, including floor and ceiling installation, and decorative and electrical works; external works; and dilapidation and restoration works, including public areas.

This service includes:

  • Fully itemized quotes and comprehensive works schedule
  • Oversight of a dedicated team by an experienced contract manager
  • Access to a versatile, directly-employed workforce
  • Experience in out-of-hours and restrictive working conditions
  • Experience of undertaking unique projects throughout the UK
  • Surveying staff that appreciate and cater for different budgetary requirements with different cost options

By utilising our years of experience, professional management, and skilled workforce, we have developed a customer-focused service that enables our clients to realise their ambitions for their property.

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